From Source to Sea


I would like to live

Like a river flows,

Carried by the surprise

Of its own unfolding.

John O’Donohue, Irish philosopher and former monk

Water takes on many forms, as it tumbles its way from mountain top to ocean. Assynt, the region of North West Scotland where I live, is veined with peaty burns and puddled by hundreds of fish-filled lochs. And where the land meets the sea, the pattern of rock and pool is intricate as lace.

There is a great deal of life to be found at the edge of the land. Here, the birds paddle and parade, picking their way through the flotsam and jetsam cast ashore by each high tide. I find that I have no awareness of time when looking out to sea, but become hypnotised by the rhythmic movement of the waves and by the elusive nature of the horizon.


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Marine Gallery


The following works were part of an exhibition held at the Ceilidh Place, Ullapool, during the autumn of 2016.  I shared the space, and the theme, with Glasgow-based mural artist and illustrator Chelsea Frew.


Goose Barnacles textile

Goose Barnacles      120cm x 110cm  was £900, now £650


Urchin I (detail) textile

Urchin I (detail)      110cm x 110cm  Sold


Urchin II (detail) textile

Urchin II      120cm x 90cm  Sold


Cast textile

Cast      55cm x 150 cm Sold


The Pull of the Sea

The Pull of the Sea      105cm x 120cm  was £900, Sold


marine gallery001

Stacs I, II and III  (Tryptich)          Each panel approx 55cm x 145 cm  Sold


marine gallery002

Sea Garden     65cm x 135cm    Sold                                         The Blue Boat      55cm x 140 cm Sold


marine gallery003

Ebb      110cm x 105 cm   £825


marine gallery004

Star     125cm x 110cm was £750, now £500  SOLD



Husk     65cm x 135cm  Sold


Moon Jelly I      47cm x 150cm £650  Sold                                                     Moon Jelly II 50cm x 150cm £650 Sold




Kelp     55cm x 155cm  was £750, Sold

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